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1989-2011 Károly Kós Association – Travelling School

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1989-2011 Károly Kós Association – Travelling School

The Travelling School is for newly graduated young architects. Every year application tenders are invited for a different (and relevant) topic. Applicants not only have to submit their tender design on time but must also present it (and their portfolio) in person in front of the masters’ panel. Admittance is based on this personal hearing and eligible young architects would be employed by a member organization of the Károly Kós Association from the following October.

Training concludes with graduation: the graduating student must present a building that they designed, be it already built or currently under construction, to the masters’ panel. A master must monitor design and the travelling architect must follow up the entire process from contract signing to implementation. Eligible graduates receive a certificate of recognition signed by masters, recognizing their architectural accomplishments.

“The Association must remain young so that it can be born again and again like a phoenix, taking ever-changing forms for fulfilling its mission: to sustain and renew the human language of architecture, this world-language in which home means home, sacred space means sacred space and architecture means the Tectonics of Arches.”

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