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They seem to contain the same creative force, yet are unaware of each other’s existence. We are the same way vis ŕ vis the angels, with this difference, that the angels know about us and are our  complementary and accompanying parts, and that we must learn to rise to their level. That certain young man promised the multitudes: You shall be greater than God’s angels. But only if you tread the same path I tread.

The guardian angel that is part of us suffers with us and rejoices with us, grieves, transgresses and is glorified along with us, and is bound to us. He is not a smiling, youthful being in pale blue robes with the features of a girl whom we worship with rapturous eyes, only the whites showing. No. He is very different. He is our companion in the merciless war we wage against darkness, such as the present war in Hungary, in which the collective spirit struggles along with us in sympathy, even if it has been severed, part of it having been exiled only to become second-rate citizens of neighboring countries.

All of us have guardian angels, and when we get together, we all come  together with our guardian angels, our demons, our sins and our virtues. In short, the world we live in is more spacious than what we can experience, locked as we are inside our pitiful cause-and-effect reasoning and our instincts.

The people of old were able to communicate with angels through dreams, or dream consciousness. A dream at dawn was the world of revelation, and a dream at night the world of the demons. And everyone knew that it was so. Psychologists know this even today, including the self-taught.

/Imre Makovecz: Drawing and Writings/

The exhibition material contains 26 tableau.



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