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Detached houses

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Detached houses

“What compels me to build detached houses? One of those compelling forces is my fear from the atrocities of mass commercialization, the urge to escape from the consequences of mass urban housing projects, their inadequacy in  terms of quantity and quality. The other compelling force is the economic and power circumstances that annihilate the cycle of private capital. A detached house is the “freezing” of private capital.

The layouts we design are new versions of old peasant houses that comprise three parts: we make the middle of the house habitable with a combined dwelling and foyer area. We avoid narrow and long corridors and consider the direct connection between the  kitchen, the dwelling and foyer area and the living room important.

The dwelling area and the foyer usually stretch upwards, ending under the roof. It houses the stairs that connect the living rooms with the bedrooms. Instead of tight and useless vestibules, we rather build verandas and so on. The low  design prices are a problem since we also strive to develop the asbuilt plans and take care of construction management as well.”

/Imre Makovecz/

Exhibition concept and implementation: Imre Makovecz Foundation
Associates: Lilla Berta, Enikő Harmath-Gyetvay, Gábor Kampis
Translation: Zoltán Farkas
Photos: Brigitta Bánfalvi, Lilla Berta, Bence Csernyus, Lőrinc Csernyus, György Dénes, Tamás Dósa-Papp, Kinga Gacsályi, Nathalie Grekofski, Molnár Imre, Zsitva Tibor
Graphics: Tamás Fodor

The exhibition material contains 22 tableau.

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