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“…And what might have been”

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“…And what might have been”

“The present within me is made up of what was and what might have been. The organising strength to of those left out of history, victory and the achievement of power, the dangerous world of might have been, belittled by many, rolls over us in the sky like Uriel or Prince Csaba. Did you not feel that reality was orphan? Did you not feel that it was lacking? Are not the blunderers, those who were defeated, missing from the world of those who are  recognised?

The darkness of objects and misty paths in the valley led the blunderers into temptation and they remained invisible to the victorious. Only knights of old, magicians and the damp outlines of ghosts appeared before the defeated, although they should have seen the might have been in the sunshine, in the reflection of objects, in the sharp contours and in events, just as they saw the reality of the victorious.

We must see that what was and what was not are two variations of an identical existence which is reproduced again and again, even in the present; and it is terrible that only some damaged part of us watches the seemingly deformed images of the might have been, whereas it is from this undamaged beauty and the dull reality that some-thing is woven, imperceptible to the senses and invisible or difficult to see, which is the Truth, the only reason for our presence.”

Exhibition of Imre Makovecz’s unimplemented building designs
(In his highly fruitful career, Imre Makovecz designed nearly six hundred buildings. More than half of those were actually built. While this is an
excellent rate in architecture, it is astounding that nearly three hundred Makovecz designs have remained unimplemented.)

Exhibition concept and implementation: Imre Makovecz Foundation
Associates: Lilla Berta, Enikő Gyetvay, Gábor Kampis
Translation: Zoltán Farkas
Graphics: Tamás Fodor

The exhibition material contains 29 tableau.

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