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House of Culture, Sárospatak

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House of Culture, Sárospatak

Design work began in 1972 and continued until 1977. The design sketches were developed into drawings by Erzsébet Várlaki, Judit Gerencsér Varga and Ervin Nagy. Interior designs were prepared by Gábor Mezei. The textiles in the rooms are the creations of Marianne Szabó. A totem pole by Géza Samu is placed in the park and stone sculptures by László Péterfy are placed in front of the building.

Inspiration for the design concept of the Sárospatak culture centre was drawn from several sources. The U-shaped teacher training college building designed by Jenő Lechner that is opposite the culture centre, the structural form of the silver buckle found at Tarpa [an archaeological find] and the symmetry of the yin and yang symbol. The various functions of the building are not interconnected in a democratic fashion, but in an “open” manner, as a system. In other words, the building is the organic interpretation of a symbol (or a system of symbols).

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