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Presentations about Makovecz construction projects VI

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Presentations about Makovecz construction projects VI

This series of presentations is delivered by architects who prepared the designs for buildings refurbished or constructed under the so-called Makovecz Government Decree Capital Investment Project. The presentations will showcase the original Makovecz designs along with the newly prepared ones and the engineering solutions applied. The events are intended for those interested in architecture!

Short videos of the projects were also be screened.

Tibor Fülöp, architect, member of the Károly Kós Association will present about the construction of the Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel by Lake Gébárti in Zalaegerszeg.

Further presentations of this series scheduled for the autumn:

Tibor Bata, Ybl Prize winning architect: Construction of churches in Temesvár (Timisoara, Romania).

Photo: Roland Gál

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