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“The consecrated world of plants, especially trees, has always inspired me to let their “word” be heard inside the walls of my buildings. The vitality of its dynamics, its flexibility, tied to a place yet resistant to storms, the protecting embrace of its shade, the fragrant scent of its blossoms offering themselves up to the skies, its “song” is the fairy-adviser of my architecture. Yes, I say fairy for I have missed them who have left this earthly space, and would like to bring them closer to us. (Mihály Babits)

The eyes looking out from the “poplars” embracing the church towers give shape to the soul that has made the trees its home. The chiming of the bells issues from these window-eyes. The towers’ range of motion in the wind is possible to the extent the structures will allow, approximately 1.5 m at the peak. The towers with the chiming eyes encircled by the poplars swaying in the wind summon all living things to make an offering. This was the aim of the church in Siófok, as well as the towers of the churches in Temesvár and Sepsiszentgyörgy [the towns of Timişoara and Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania]

The concave spine and ribs of the nave conjure up the interior of the chest, the lungs and the heart, the place of breathing, of the soul, the place from which the soul begins its journey before the offering is made. I know that this description is unacceptable, poetic, turgid and empty for the “purist”, the “new modern” approach. I acknowledge that.
Yet I believe that without the redemption and love of nature, including the nature of man, there is no way to the Creator. This step, the spiritualization of nature, must be taken by architects, and it is not enough to think that the empty white square on the other side of nothingness is filled with spirituality.”

Manuscript of Imre Makovecz

Exhibition concept and implementation: Imre Makovecz Foundation
Associates: Lilla Berta, Zsuzsanna Gácsi, Enikő Harmath-Gyetvay, Gábor Kampis
Translation: Zoltán Farkas
Photos: Bence Csernyus, Balázs Zajti, Unknown
Graphics: Tamás Fodor

Compilation of the exhibition material is in progress.

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