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Conference “in search of dignity”

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Conference “in search of dignity”

The founders of the Pál Beke Memorial Title held a conference titled “In search of dignity” at the TIT Studio Association’s building. The purpose of the conference was to discuss how community spaces and educational spaces  and institutions can respond to and meet today’s challenges and how future professionals can be trained for all this. Out of the many aspects and considerations of the social and economic environment, three were scrutinized at the conference: information society and the development of information technology; the position and opportunities of youth; and social inequalities and the barriers to social mobility. The conference began with presentations by the researchers of unique topics. Then workshops were held where participants were seeking answers to how community and educational spaces and institutions can utilize opportunities presented by the above and how they can counterbalance problems deriving from them at the personal, community and social level. The conference ended with the delivery of this year’s Pál Beke Memorial Titles.

As a side event to the conference, a small exhibition was staged showcasing selected works of Imre Makovecz.

For further details of the event, please visit to: Conference

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