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Imre Makovecz and the Nomadic Generation V

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Imre Makovecz and the Nomadic Generation V

An event series by “sound architect” Ferenc Kiss

Imre Makovecz’s oeuvre is closely intertwined with the folk art movement that emerged in Hungary in the 1970s. His intellect and thoughts were a profound influence for the representatives of the so-called nomadic generation. Musicians, artisans, folk dancers consider Makovecz their master the same way as many architects do. They often asked him for his opinion and took his advice. He was highly respected and influential, and played a leading role in shaping their organic way of thinking and worldview of nomadic generation artists. Imre Makovecz’s charismatic influence on living folk art and contemporary art is still vivid.

Our host is the composer of the programme music played in the legendary Hungarian Pavilion in Seville. He will talk with guests and their students about the late master’s intellectual heritage, recalling great encounters, important moments and weighing in on future opportunities and the realistic chances of raising a new generation of like-minded artists.

For the “nomadic generation” grew into a tribe by now!

Our fifth guest:

Information and registration:

Entry to our events is free but preliminary registration is required owing to the limited capacity of the House. You can register by email at office@makovecz.hu e-mail or by phone at +36 30 314 9321.
Entry without registration is subject to the availability of seats.

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