Makovecz Könyvek és Tárgyak

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Guide to Hungarian Organic Architecture

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Guide to Hungarian Organic Architecture

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Organikus építészeti útikönyv – angol nyelvű

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Imre Makovecz was one of the twentieth century’s most original inventive and politically engaged architects, a man who existed outside the mainstream and inspired a uniquely Hungarian architectural movement.

Makovecz shaped holiday shelters, restaurants, camping grounds and visitor centres that were as highly charged aesthetically as their purposes were low-key. These designs were what he described as “building beings”. Erring on the folkloric and looking a little like trees in children’s stories, sprouting arms and sporting faces, they really did feel alive. Wooden shingles might be made to resemble the feathers of a bird’s wings. Some buildings appeared to grow like plants. Windows were like eyes.

Jonathan Glancey


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