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Szabó Marianne

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There are many brilliant, hiding artists in the world. There are more people hiding than standing in the spotlight. Marianne Szabó was also such a “shadow perennial”, shedding her magnificent leaves and flowers in silence throughout her life. We can find great treasures in his hiding place, which reveal the depth and freshness of her thinking, be it genre or topic. With astonishing courage, she reaches out to formulate the world’s imperceptible beings, such as the angel, guardian angel or archangel, to mythical creatures such as the siren, the centaur or the sphinx. It presents death or the human soul with complete naturalness. With precise observation, she formulates the visible world as well, the plant or human characters. In this book, we can bravely look in its hiding place, among the treasures of a long, multifaceted oeuvre, let’s just get lost, we will meet miracles and forget about time.

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