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Between Sky and Earth III – 4.

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Between Sky and Earth III – 4.


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Presentation Series at the Makovecz Centre and Archives
“My father’s short remarks are imprinted in my memory as prevailing moods and have been influential in my life. His sentences were about the starry sky, about a rural landscape, a tree or about how much he enjoyed eating curd with fresh bread when he was a child…

These memories inspired me to invite people to the Makovecz House who will most probably speak about the same world [as my father].” Anna Makovecz

For the third time in this series, we will start out from the universe and zoom in on the backyard garden, touching on subjects like landscape, man and the interactions of the two.
As it is apparent in his buildings and writings, this approach used to be evident for Imre Makovecz since he always regarded man as a link between earth and sky. Our series is intended to keep this approach alive: The notion that we have a living connection with the Sky.

Fourth guest of our series:
Lajos Ambrus, fruit enthusiast and expert, writer: Fruitful diversity


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