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Paolo Porthogesi’s book

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Paolo Porthogesi’s book

In the summer of 2013, the Hungarian Academy of Arts requested Professor Paolo Porthogesi to write an extensive study about Imre Makovecz. Paolo Portoghesi (born in Rome in 1931) is an Italian architect, theorist, historian and professor of architecture at Rome’s La Sapienza University. The study was subsequently published by the HAA. An expert on organic architecture, Professor Porthogesi and the posthumous honorary president of the Hungarian Academy of Arts were friends; Porthogesi’s study is the first summary publication of the Makovecz oeuvre since the passing of the great architect. Although Portoghesi was born a few years earlier than Imre Makovecz, he always considered the late architect his master and friend. They met on several occasions and these meetings made deep impressions on both men’s lives.

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