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Photo reports of Events

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Photo reports of Events

Judit Lechner: The mysterious world of flowers

Under the title “The mysterious world of flowers” a.k.a “ Delegates of distant continents in the Hungarian flowergardens” Judit Lechner holds a lecture in the Makovecz Center and Archives. “The spirit of a landscape is carried by locals, houses, churches, but also the flowers of the gardens. If we get to know them and use…

Café Makovecz: The Drama of Construction

At the October event of the Café Makovecz series, Ybl Prize winning architect Lőrinc Csernyus will hold a presentation titled “The Drama of Construction”. Among other topics, the presentation will touch on the construction of the Hungarian pavilion in Seville and the refurbishment of the Kakasd village house.

Ars Sacra Festival – the sacral architecture of Imre Makovecz

The Ars Sacra Festival emerged from a “City mission” series of events held in 2007. The objective of the festival is to present the signs of hope in culture, and to help Europe with the means of art to find its roots again. The festival features a combined screening and presentation by Lőrinc Csernyus, Ybl-prize…

Imre Makovecz and the nomadic generation

The August “Café Makovecz” event featured a lecture by Ybl-prize winner architect and former Makovecz student Lőrinc Csernyus. The lecture was titled “Imre Makovecz and the nomadic generation” – from the folk dance house movement to the Károly Kós Association’s School for Roving Architects.

Oriental Influences in Imre Makovecz’s Works

At the first event, Ybl Prize winning architect and former Makovecz student Lőrinc Csernyus will speak about the influence of oriental cultures in the late master’s works and the still existing connection with those cultures.

About folk art signs

Reconstructed version of the legendary lecture held by Imre Makovecz at Kaposvár in 1977, presented by actor Csaba Hüse, using original slides.

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