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Makovecz Center and Archives




Makovecz Központ és Archívum

The building of the Makovecz Centre and Archives in Budapest was originally intended to be a home. Imre Makovecz built it for his wife and himself. He did not live to move in there, but the building can finally fulfil its purpose by accommodating the late Master’s intellectual greatness instead of his physical presence.

As per government decree no. 2022 of 2015, the Hungarian Government decided that the building should serve to promote the living intellectual spirit of Imre Makovecz and requested the Hungarian Academy of Arts to be a partner in implementation. The Academy signed a contract with the Imre Makovecz Foundation on implementing and operating the Centre.

The building accommodates a replica of Imre Makovecz’s study, a small exhibition room with regularly updated items on display and, over time, it will also accommodate the entire oeuvre: designs, drawings, writings and photos. Thus the Makovecz Archives will be established and its materials will also be available for research.

A private opening ceremony of the Centre will take place on 20 November 2017.

The archives will be inaugurated after the full oeuvre will be catalogued and accommodated in the house. The exact date of the opening will be announced on this website and in the media.

Beginning in early 2018, the building will offer programs to visitors on a regular basis. Please check back here and stay alert to media announcements for details!

Address: Budapest, 12th. district, Városkúti út 2.


Dear Guests!

Our programs are suspended during the summer time. Open hours for visitors are constant during the summer time.

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